Mission of Love

So so I went out on a visit in one of the most beautiful place. Its a park hidden in the middle of a forest, you won’t even know it’s there until you make up your mind to go for a walk, an alone moment or time with those who are really close to you. Walking in a calm and beautiful forest filled with trees of different color is one of the best gift you can ever give to your body. It’s God’s creation and it is beautiful. God is a master planner and sure has eyes for good things because He is good Himself. Release the Stress, fears and doubt. When you see nature, trust me you’ll know indeed that Jesus loves you big time. Enjoy my 365 days picturesπŸ’πŸ’

Thanks to my very good friend who permitted the camera to work for me.β™₯


Children and Love

So everyone, holiday is over and a new phase is on, thanks to God. I was able to make a video on one of the things disturbing my mind recently, asking God for grace to speak the right words. So finally a video on Children and love, remember what you sow is not really what you reap, but you reap more than you sow. For example if you sow three seeds of corn, you reap more than three seeds, so make sure you sow and invest both Love and God into your children. God bless you as you watch this video πŸ’“πŸ’“