Fire in His Bones – Book review


While I was going through the book of Luke, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to the scripture pointing out Lazarus and the rich man. He made me to understand that when a righteous man dies, he is carried, but when an unrighteous person dies, he is buried. So going through this book “Fire in his bones Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa by Ruthanne Garlock, I am still overwhelmed at the Details and the faith of our fathers.

In fact, I recommend this book to any and everyone who wants to boost their faith in God and also going through some certain challenges in ministry.

This book carries so much details about the life of the Arch Bishop, I am still very much overwhelmed with the Details written in the book. It has so much and we can learn a lot from the faith of our fathers, who went before us. They had such an imaginable faith and God stood by them and answered their every request. I hope and pray that we all Encounter God like our fathers in faith, who walked with God and left this world like a King. This book exposed the saying of “God can use anybody”. Indeed God can use anybody to fulfil his purpose here on earth.

You can order for the book online, I’ll just drop a few Quote down here that were amazing and still amazing to me.

We are going to pray for you in the Name of Jesus and ask God to heal you

In his room alone that evening, Benson read the book of John cover to cover. This Jesus to whom he had committed his life that day seemed to come alive on the pages as he read.

Long into the night, he sang over and over “What a friend we have in Jesus”

Benson’s friend came by and found him washing dishes. “We missed you at the Soccer game last Sunday” he said, twirling a Soccer ball in his Hands. You can come and practice with me when you finish your work?”

“I am sorry, Bernard, but I have a church Meeting to attend tonight” Benson answered. “Why don’t you come with me to the Meeting?”

It’s not just the church that is important. The important Thing is that I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour, and He has completely changed my life”

Since I’ve accepted Christ, I am changed on the inside and that’s far more important

But serving the Lord and going to church are my most important activities, so I am quitting the Team.

Idahosa means ‘Attentive to God’ and the Young African wanted with all his heart to live up to his Name by being attentive to God

Benson’s thirst for Knowledge was greater than it had ever been

Thank you, Lord, that you promised to supply all our Needs

He took out 20% of his earning to give to the church

Preach the Gospel, and I will confirm my Word with signs following

The voice spoke again. “This is what I shall do with your life. If you will begin to help People drop their burdens at my feet, I will bring back to life that which was dead. Just as you are now Standing before this great multitude, you will one day stand before thousands around the world and speak of my great power to heal and perform miracles.

Let me be your older brother to give you advice.

I am not going to fight. If what God wanted to use me for is finished here, I cannot contest it.

This book is so detailed that I really don’t even know where to start from, so here are some quotes from the book. I’ll advice you to get one, then you’ll know exactly what I am talking about.


Stay blessed and be expectant, more things coming up, great news ahead. ❤ ❤



First let me wish you all a happy new year, the snow decided to pay us a visit and has refused to leave ever since. I hope to keep this blog busy this year and also to share some of my work so far with you all. 2016 was a very nice year with so much lessons and blessings. I know 2017 will be super great for everyone. Lots of expectations, new direction, goals and turns. So if the year started strange with you, keep your head up, this is just the beginning, the end matters and the end will favor us all.

This year, I planned to share a whole lot on the blog like:

  • My walk with God so far ♥ ♥
  • Me trimming my hair (even tho I wanted to scrap all out, but thanks to my biglos sis and friend)
  • DIY that is great for any hair type
  • Making of Ankara dresses with my own size in my head (This is something new tho)
  • Book reviews ❤
  • 365 days pictures (Thank God for my camera)
  • Videos
  • Products review
  • My episode stories (I’ll try to complete them this time 🙂 )

You all know this does not happen in one day, so stay with me the whole year and lets rock this year together. 😀

Have a nice day and yes! stay expectant. 🙂 ❤


My own side of the story to my King

Thank you2013-11-20-16.29.06.jpg.jpeg

Thank you God for your mercies, your goodness and every thing you have done. You loved me so much that you had to leave your throne to save me from death. You took me from the miry clay and set my feet upon the rock. You have given me so much, even to the extent of giving your precious son. That did not end there, you gave me the Holy Spirit, my best friend also. And I can’t even pay you back for everything you’ve done. So thank you so much for being you and for being God all by yourself. Thank you for being there, thank you for being merciful, thank you for being transparent and free. Thank you for the scolding and the love notes you sent to me through your word. Thank you for the assurance that your love will never change in season and out of season. You are worth the wait Lord, you are worth the fight and you are worth my body which is your temple in season and out of season. You are worth more than my imaginations of you. Your sheer awesomeness makes me want what you want, feel how you feel and know you more than I know my own name. You are the best and you’ll remain the best. This prologue  is not enough to start the Story, because it’s more than just a Story .❤✌