Children and Love

So everyone, holiday is over and a new phase is on, thanks to God. I was able to make a video on one of the things disturbing my mind recently, asking God for grace to speak the right words. So finally a video on Children and love, remember what you sow is not really what you reap, but you reap more than you sow. For example if you sow three seeds of corn, you reap more than three seeds, so make sure you sow and invest both Love and God into your children. God bless you as you watch this video 💓💓


Save some hope, don’t cast all away

Thank God I can finally post here. Exams are over and I am kind of free for now. This picture is just a picture to some, but there’s a whole lot of story behind it.

So one day I was sitting at home and it was dark. I had this pink scented candle on. It was the only light in the room and during that season, I was so down that I found it really difficult to study for my exams. I somehow felt left out or something was missing. You know in a wilderness journey, you’re entitled to prolong it or obey and get out fast. I was trying to figure out when my own journey was going to end, even though I had just started. Then I heard the most beautiful encouragement ever. The Holy Spirit indeed is up to date when it comes to God’s children. He said “Spare some hope, let hope live. The room is dark, but the light is shinning. It might not shine to lighten up the whole room, but it’s shinning to show to you that there is still a way out, even tho the situation looks different, but let hope live”. I was so encouraged, I just smiled and said “Lord, I know you got me!” That’s one out of the numerous encounter I have had with this supernatural lover of mine. So today I am saying to you, let hope live. Don’t cast all away.

Have a blessed day and a loading weekend ❤ ❤

My own side of the story to my King

Thank you2013-11-20-16.29.06.jpg.jpeg

Thank you God for your mercies, your goodness and every thing you have done. You loved me so much that you had to leave your throne to save me from death. You took me from the miry clay and set my feet upon the rock. You have given me so much, even to the extent of giving your precious son. That did not end there, you gave me the Holy Spirit, my best friend also. And I can’t even pay you back for everything you’ve done. So thank you so much for being you and for being God all by yourself. Thank you for being there, thank you for being merciful, thank you for being transparent and free. Thank you for the scolding and the love notes you sent to me through your word. Thank you for the assurance that your love will never change in season and out of season. You are worth the wait Lord, you are worth the fight and you are worth my body which is your temple in season and out of season. You are worth more than my imaginations of you. Your sheer awesomeness makes me want what you want, feel how you feel and know you more than I know my own name. You are the best and you’ll remain the best. This prologue  is not enough to start the Story, because it’s more than just a Story .❤✌