Natural hair -trim story

This was as at December, when I trimed. Guess it’s longer than this now 🙂

Infact, I was so tried of going natural at some point, because first, I had no idea what to do with my hair. I don’t do weaves, so I was confused on how to cope with studies, blog, hair, children’s church stuffs, DIY that works and all that. So before end of December, I asked my biglos sis if she thinks cutting off all my hair would aleign with my face structure. She said nahh. LAWD have mercy.

I was so done. So I ignored her and called another friend. That friend too was against me cutting off everything. Who loves me?? She suggested I trim, just as my biglos sis had suggested earlier. I trimmed my hair myself a week before all these drama tho, so I was like  “no amount of trimming will make me change my mind”. But then I went over to her place and she trimmed my hair well as you can see in the Picture. I was like “whaaat? I like it”.

I decided to give myself a 6 weeks break by doing braids and hey sis, it was so worth it. I found out new DIY which I am still testing out on my hair and would share with you once it comes out positive. I have like cool styles and ideas now, that I would love to try out. You might probably feel that way sometimes, but hey; you are are not alone. I thank God for friends and sisters. Sometimes it’s good to hear what others have to say. You must’nt take every opinion, but you can filter and expand.

Stay tuned for more, I made an Ankara Dress and hope to share that with you soon. Stay blessed. More Pictures below and my length as at Last month (June)




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