First let me wish you all a happy new year, the snow decided to pay us a visit and has refused to leave ever since. I hope to keep this blog busy this year and also to share some of my work so far with you all. 2016 was a very nice year with so much lessons and blessings. I know 2017 will be super great for everyone. Lots of expectations, new direction, goals and turns. So if the year started strange with you, keep your head up, this is just the beginning, the end matters and the end will favor us all.

This year, I planned to share a whole lot on the blog like:

  • My walk with God so far ♥ ♥
  • Me trimming my hair (even tho I wanted to scrap all out, but thanks to my biglos sis and friend)
  • DIY that is great for any hair type
  • Making of Ankara dresses with my own size in my head (This is something new tho)
  • Book reviews ❤
  • 365 days pictures (Thank God for my camera)
  • Videos
  • Products review
  • My episode stories (I’ll try to complete them this time 🙂 )

You all know this does not happen in one day, so stay with me the whole year and lets rock this year together. 😀

Have a nice day and yes! stay expectant. 🙂 ❤



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