The supposed stranger episode 3

Episode 3


We all went out and started to take some pictures. I saw Mrs. Ugochi talking with the same guy that stared at me the whole time and overheard her telling him ‘thank you for coming, my God will bless you’ and he was just nodding his head, saying ‘amen’. The prayers were really long and I just stared. I sensed he was going to turn around and look for me, so I quickly turned my head over to the photographers and smiled. We took pictures and Uncle Sam told me to pose very well because he wants to take a full picture of me. While I posed, the guy walked into my picture and said


I looked up and Uncle Sam took the picture. The guy finally ruined my picture.

“What do you want and who are you to ruin my picture like that?”

I asked very angry. I love taking pictures and I really love it when it’s about me. I give room for others, but when it has to do with me taking a picture, then sweetheart it’s about me and me alone, even my friends knew this.

“I’m so sorry, I thought to myself ‘that picture won’t be too perfect without me’, so I decided to join”.

He replied.

“Never again!”

I said.


he replied.

I stood there thinking to myself, what can I say that will shut this guy up for a while and then suddenly Sister Shade decided to throw her flower without anyone of us including her girls and guest knowing.

The flower fell between me and this guy and everyone including Yemisi looked at us. Sister Shade came and hugged me and the guy just smiled as everyone told him congratulations. He then whispered into my ears saying

“just act as if everything is fine and let the moment pass by”.

I could not say a word. I just walked away, straight to the car and stayed there for a while. I could not even pick the flower. In Nigeria, we believe that anyone that catches such flower is the next to get married and it was strange that the flower fell between me and a total stranger.

“You are here lamenting, have you seen your husband to be’s car? The guy is doing well for himself”.

“You are so vain Yemi”

I replied.

“At least he has something at all”

she says.

“Will you stop it Yemi, can’t you see she is not happy?”

Chioma shut her immediately.

“Now you know what I feel when I tell you that Ogie is not it”.

She says. I just kept quiet and the both of them argued about whose statement was wrong and who is supposed to apologize first.

We got home and I went straight into my room and slept off, hoping that when I wake up, the whole drama would be over. Yemi came over the next morning and told me that everyone actually thought the guy was my boyfriend.

“Virgin Mary Ede now has a boyfriend”.

She said.

“Yemi I don’t know this guy, that was the first time I saw him”

I replied.

“But with the way you guys looked at each other, it seemed like something was going on. Maybe you did not see the way he looked at you the whole time in church, even while singing”.

“Yemi, don’t you believe me when I say I don’t know him?”

“I do, but what about the others?”

“Since you believe me, forget about the others.”

I replied.

“But why were you guys so close to each other?”

“Yemi he photobombed my picture and I was angry and telling him never again. I did not know that Sister Shade was going to throw the flower just like that”.

“Was that why you refused to take the flower?”

“Why not? I mean that flower has caused me a lot now. Now everyone thinks I am a pretender, but really I don’t care”.

She just smiled at me and forced me out of bed, I had to be in church because it was Sunday. I mean Sister Shade could have as well married on a Sunday.


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