DIY: Coconut milk leave-in Conditioner spray

imageSo so so!!! Something new 🙂

I thought about a leave-in conditioner suitable for my hair and also spending less, I decided to make one myself. So I’ll list down all you need and what to do. This Leave-in turned into a normal lotion with just a little liquid by the time I took it out from the refrigerator, so no panic.

All you need:

Coconut milk (take the amount you’ll need)

Coconut oil

Jasmin oil

Castor oil

Spray bottle

(You can actually use any oil suitable for your hair type, but add coconut oil to your list)


Melt coconut oil and stir in castor oil and jasmine oil. Fill the empty spray bottle with the melted oil. Mix your coconut milk with water (just the amount you need, not the whole can 🙂 ). Fill the spray bottle with coconut milk. Replace cap and shake to combine. Keep refrigerated.

Next is coconut milk and avocado, so stay tuned ❤ ❤



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