The Supposed Stranger

♥Episode 1♥



The day he gave me that warm kiss at the altar, before God and my family, I will never forget.

“You know I love you so much, I can’t imagine life without you.” “Thank you, I am so blessed to know you and I am grateful to God for bringing us this far…”


“Get dressed, we must not go late to that wedding okay? Is it not bad enough that African people are known for going late to all event? When they say 2:00pm, your people will get there 5:00pm hoping to be thanked for coming so early.”

“Don’t be so sarcastic; how can someone like you; you of all people say that about your own people?”

“But it’s the truth.”

“Stop being so disgraceful”.

I said to her. Yemi my friend is such a down to earth wide-mouthed lady. She loves fashion, maybe because she has curves. She literally forced me to put on one of my future dinner dates gown, just because we had a wedding to attend and she prefers the dinner gown to the dress I bought for the wedding. Sister Shade the choir HOD was about to wed her high school sweetheart, they’ve known each other for over 15 years. I think she deserves to be happy, considering the fact that even though she knew her husband to be since high school, she has entered into several Relationships that didn’t work out so well.

“Sister Shade and Uncle Keni has been pretending not to like each other, but now finally they’ve seen sense in what their grandma has been saying”

Yemi replied to my thoughts.

“You know what, I will just pretend not to hear that. Do you think it’s easy to marry your best friend?”

“Miss easy, let me marry first and you will see”.

“Chai Yemi! Not all that glitters is gold”.

“But when you see gold, you will recognize it. Now you better dress up and let me give your face the best change ever”.

She says

“Yemi the makeup artist, change me oo, change me.”

I replied laughing hard.

“Did anyone see my handless bra?”

Chioma asked from the kitchen.

“Yes I saw it inside the Oven. How can you ask of handless bra and you are in the kitchen? Well don’t even think about me making you up today, because by the time you find the bra, I will be singing ‘here comes the bride’ inside the church’”.

Yemi replied her. Chioma is our ‘I don’t care’ best friend, we all live very close to each other. They are both in the University and I am working. Maybe because I am not really a huge fan of exams, but I love people who studies.

We got dressed and she really finished my face with brown powder and concealer. I believed she would have concealed her sins, if it were possible to do that.

“Yemisi, you look beautiful today, I can see you are well prepared for the wedding”.

“Ogie, if you know what is good for you, find yourself a parking lot and get out of my way”.

She replied. When it comes to guys, Yemi is very strict. She does not engage in unnecessary conversations. When she feels a guy is complementing her too much, she stops it immediately and if possible threaten to embarrass the guy. But Ogie too is somehow a drama king. He loves to talk to Yemi at any given opportunity, so he does not care if she wants to embarrass him or not, he just keeps throwing the complements at her.

“Yemi, I don’t like the way you address Ogie, he is a nice guy and I think you should just learn to accept complements, ha!”

“Madam, I think he needs a proper home training. Is it because we are abroad that he will behave like that, like constantly?”

She asked.

“Yemi, if you were to be in Nigeria, you would have been married”

I replied.

“But girl, I am not in Nigeria and I am not old, I can and will get married someday, but not to someone who will constantly be on my nerves”.

I could sense anger in her voice. Maybe my own is too much sef.

“This is one of the reasons I hate wearing handless bra, if not for the fact that I love to be a bridesmaid, I would have just relaxed and watch others struggle, now I am struggling”

Chioma complained. She was really struggling with her bridesmaid gown and her bra. Guess both were fighting real hard. I was not interested in being a bridesmaid because I had no interest in catching flowers. We all walked into the church, but information came to us that all the bridesmaid were supposed to stay out. So Chioma went out with Yemisi and I sat alone on the third roll close to the music instrument, just forcing myself to smile because our pastor’s wife was constantly staring at me. Maybe she was staring at my too much concealed face. She stood up and I thought she was walking towards me, but she just passed by and said hello to a guy who sat behind me. I wanted to look back, I was so tempted to.

Get your fingers crossed you all!

More episodes coming soon ❤

Stay blessed and feel free to leave a feedback, like, share and comment. 🙂

PS: Image is from Google pictures


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