The “Girl” Entrepreneurs (Book Review)


This is a book I will so so so recommend for anyone and everyone, especially if you’re venturing into Entrepreneurship or making your passion come to pass. It’s such a blessed book written by “Pastor” Ibukun Awosika. I have read through and have seen how these women made it to the top, still making their mark and being where God truly wants them to be. They all had one thing in common “NOT GIVING UP” and “OBEYING GOD”.

Pastor Ibukun Awosika is an accomplished entrepreneur and an ordained pastor at the Fountain of Life church. Her intent is to document the experiences of African business women in terms of their background, their start-up stage, their growth pattern, their challenges, the impact of choices of spouse on their business, their work-life balance, and their future plans. Her vision is to create a document to inspire other women as well as celebrate the women.

I’ll just write out some quotes and points that I find very amazing and interesting, although the whole book is a blessing. If you want to see more, I’ll advice you to get the book; you can also order it from Osiander, for those living abroad or in Germany. These are real stories from real people (Women) and the truth is, they carried God then and are still carrying God now, so join the race…

Here are my favorite quotes and points, so go get the book dear 🙂

I thought I heard God say I should be giving 15 % of my profit, and I was pleased. Of course I could do that. But then the Holy Spirit said to me clearly, “50 % my dear, not 15 %” “Get thee behind me, satan” I shouted! “How? 50 % ke?

The unbelievable thing was that in spite of that sacrificial giving, I NEVER LACKED materially in any area of my life that year and was able to do all I wanted to.

“What does she depend on? What is her confidence that she left a well-paying bank Job for this?” My answer to all of these was “GOD”

This is why you must be true to yourself and live your own life.

I am extremely fortunate to have been married to a man who truly supports my vision and helps to fulfill my dreams.

You need to be able to share your passion and your vision with your life partner, so if you are yet to marry, please choose carefully.

You do not have more time for yourself when you start your own business!

I believe that one’s faith cannot be limited to where one worships.

As children of God, when we do things excellently well, we honor God, we show the world the children of whom we are, and bring glory to our heavenly father.

It was really frustrating. I really cannot tell how I survived. I just knew that I could not give up. This is the kind of moment when you are grateful that you KNOW GOD, as it took His grace to keep going.

While others were getting loans to buy other posh cars, I knew I had a goal to reach and the temporary inconvenience was the price I had to pay to meet that goal.

This taught me financial discipline

They that know their God shall be strong and shall do Exploits. Daniel 11:32

I decided that I was not going to pay a bribe to get a business because there will always be someone who can pay higher than what I offer, in order to get the same thing. So why bother?

What is the worst thing that can happen? FAILURE? So what? You will not be the first or the last to fail. When you fail, you get up and TRY AGAIN and AGAIN until you get it right. This is what makes life fun!

So I stop here and hey lovely one, go get the book, you’ll so so so love it. These are big and blessed women in our society, you won’t believe they have such stories, but you’ll know more by reading this book.

Stay blessed 🙂


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