Natural hair DIY (Healing sand)


Hey everyone, something new today, yehhh! I have a whole lot to write about, from my natural hair journey to my small chop (big chop for some tho) and then my new findings and mixture, but then again, Time! Time!! Time!!!

So today I’m writing about the strangest DIY I did with healing sand. I decided to try out what we have at the German store and it was amazing. So here we go:

  • Healing sand, mix up with any oil you have for hair.
  • I used Cholesterol conditioner cream,
  • Coconut oil,
  • Mustard oil,
  • Castor oil,
  • Almond oil,
  • Jasmin and Jojoba oil.

I mixed all together with the healing sand and applied into my hair (As a deep conditioner). Then I covered with a shower cap for 2 hours, then rinsed it out. My hair was soft and super detangled,

I got the oils from the indian shop around, so I’ll be making use of our German products and also making sure I add the oils.

Next on the line is green tea with honey, excited to see the result, so stay tuned. My current low manipulation hair style is a two strand-twist, had it on for like two weeks now, getting ready to deep condition again and then redo them. I am really curious to know if my hair added a little growth within this  4 weeks on two-strand-twist. 🙂



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