The fruit of your words, what are you sowing?


Topic no one talks about right? Children are Important as well and you and I play a very big role in their lives, whether married or not. What are the things you say to your children or your seed? Are they words that will nurture them or words that discourage them? The bible say a man reap what he sows in Galatians 6, so be careful how and what you speak with your mouth because out of the Abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. You might as well say “I am not married, so I have no child yet”, but you can as well speak life into your seeds. When you start to sow into the life of a child that is not born yet, trust me when you finally have that child, he or she will carry fire and excel, because their parents or mother or father (single mon or dad) already laid a foundation for them. while going through Matthew 27, verse 25 got me really angry, because they said “Let his blood be upon us and our children” I mean they said that out of ignorance, but they laid a curse upon their generation. Most of us are trying to break free from the things our Parents or fore parents said out of foolishness or even ignorance, not knowing the repercussion of that oath, words or even vows. Back then they thought it was to help, but were deceived. We as Parents have the biggest right over our Children. The devil cannot attack a child except the Parent opened a door for him and gave him a right into their home. The devil is waiting for us to speak negatively so he can act on it, just as the Angel of the Lord is waiting for us to speak positively.
Your Child/Seed will be a product of your words, so speak positively. Make out time to pray for your children, they go through a lot of things you as a Parent wouldn’t imagine them to go through. Be careful what you say to them or around them because they learn from you and will say what they heard daddy and mummy say. If you had a problem with your mother or had a problem with childhood, I beg you to sort that out and not inflict the pain you went through on your children or seed, because they are more sensitive. You might say “Ohh they are just babies”, but that can affect them on the long run if they don’t talk about it. So to avoid your child doing exactly what you did to your own parents to you, change your words and change your prayers. Deal with your troubles in Prayer and pray for them so that they will excel. I know bringing up a child is one of the most difficult responsibilities an adult can have, but that is why God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness, He gave them to you and will help you take care of them. God doesn’t ask our permission when He want His purposes to come to pass in our children’s lives, so we should not stop His purpose with our words. Zacharia asked the Angel “How can I be sure of this” And the angel told him he would be silent until the child is born. If it wasn’t so, probably he would have used words to delay that purpose or even talk it down, but God’s purpose must stand in the lives of our Children, So today make it a habit to always speak life into your children, where others are failing and falling, they will win and stand out, they will do better than their peers, their light will shine because they are the children of light.

Prayer Point: Dear God, I withdraw every right I have given to the devil over my children/seeds in Jesus name, Amen!




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