The Journey…Forsaking self


Somehow God knows how to deal with us. He knows when to keep us calm and teach us the things we need to know about. He as well knows how to discipline us. But the best of all is when He smiles at us; learning from Him requires us really dieing to our walls and egos and big mouth and character and the biggest of all SELF. I have been listening to this song from William McDowell for some time now, but it pierced deeper yesterday, I just had to cry because I realised how safe I am, calm and ready to learn while in the arms of God. The journey is not easy, especially when flesh is carrying a sword, but it’s so so worth it because Christ paid it all. It pains to be like Christ, because the flesh is always speaking, but its gain when we be like Christ, because Christ came and dwelled among us and thereby made it easier to live, love, follow and say, because He lives, I can face my tomorrow, because He did, I can and I will. Our flesh will always fight changes in our lives that are not favourable to it, but lets try and make the changes anyway. Its so not easy learning about the right of what you think you know, but actually knew the wrong way, but that’s why God is here to teach us about who we were supposed to be, who we stand for on earth. We have so much to learn from God and His mercies are new every morning…
#StillLearning #ItsNotEasy #ButItsWorthIt #ItsWorthIt #HeIsWorthIt #God #Grateful #WrapMeInYourArms #Closer #TheJourney #focus


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