Grace…….Amazing Grace

God’s grace will leave you completely speechless. God is so merciful and He is indeed a father. He does not remind us of our past or the things we did wrong. He forgives and He leaves room for change. He does not give up on us and He has never failed and He will never fail. He is the only God whose power, no one can Contend with. He is loving and just Amazing. His Grace is amazing, His power is amazing, His love is amazing. He is the author of knowledge, the beginning and the end, He is a mighty strong tower. I cannot fret when I am under His wings. He is an amazing God. He is full of love and compassion. He loved me when I didn’t care. He was and is still patient with me. His ways are perfect…I am speechless because of His grace.




IMG_20151102_165501IMG_20151102_165458 IMG_20151102_165410 IMG_20151102_165407 IMG_20151102_165403






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