“Others know their calling and I don’t?” Young Christians, you are totally fine and loved :)

This one is for my young sisters and brothers in Christ. I know the challenge, it’s not easy hearing others talk about their calling and what God has told them to do or what they feel is right or is their calling. You staying there and thinking to yourself “My friends or church sisters or brothers knows what plan they have for the next year or probably years and they know their calling and I have no idea what mine is all about” Can I say chill?? Yes Chill!!

Personally, I am still sitting at Jesus’ feet and learning, so when He trust me with little things, I can handle them, before the big comes in, so you are not alone.

There is nothing like haste when it comes to what God wants you to do, so chill and make sure you are busy while waiting. Some people say “God told me I will be a pastor or a speaker or a leader” fine! You don’t have to rush into what is not yours, just because everyone around you is talking about calling and ministry. Ministry is not planned with one day. Jesus Christ prepared for 30 years, but functioned effectively for only 3 years. Its not how many years you’ve been in ministry, it is how many souls, like real souls you’ve won for Christ that did not catch emotions but was converted for real and stayed in the faith that matters. It is how many impact you’ve made in the life of others that matters, it is how God sees and rate you that matters.

So my dear angel, do not bring yourself into confusion by trying to search for your calling in the wrong place or wrong people. God speaks and when it’s time for you to do what God has destined you to do, He will speak directly to you and will always confirm His word. God is not an author of confusion at all, He can never leave you confused. So please, do not listen to side talk, do not seek answers where there is none. Go to the word of God and study the life of Jesus. Nobody knows you more than God, so stop visiting prophets and asking them about your destiny or calling, because your calling might be bigger than the prophet you are asking. So stop allowing people to lead you and sit at the feet of Jesus and He will tell you what your calling is.

Everything we do is to bring glory to the name of Jesus, so it does not matter whether you are the preacher or the chair cleaner, when it’s time for reward, you will be rewarded because of your faithfulness, not position. In the sight of God we are all equal, the body has many parts, but they all function  and see to the well-being of that body.

Take this time you have now to study and grow in Christ. Ecclesiastes 3 King James Version (KJV) To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

So my dear, there is time for everything. a time will come, where you will have to show off your work, you cannot go to the podium and talk, and then run back inside again and take a look at your book, no, you stay there and talk and when you are done, you leave and go for the next. So there is time to learn and there is time to search. Right now, learn about yourself in Christ. Study the life of Christ and the more you study, the more you grow in wisdom and understanding, because the Holy Spirit is there to teach you and cause you to understand. While you are learning, the Lord will talk to you and will also inform you about your calling, because He himself will train you. While you spend time with Him, I pray the Lord opens your eyes to see where you truly belong, your passion and talent and gift, so that you will be fully ready to stand, when he ask you to.

So my dear, just chill and enjoy Jesus company, because the longer you stay with somebody, the more things you find out about them and how they rate you. So stay with Jesus and find your identity in Him. Stay blessed 🙂



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