Your soul is worth more than their offer (Don’t loose your ticket into Heaven)

Good day everyone, allow the word of God to control you, to control everything that you do. I had to live with this post before I decided to share it out with you, and I am here to tell you today that I conquered and because I did, you will too.

The bible says that the gift of God makes rich and add no sorrow, why is it that some of the things we Christians get, it brings sorrow?

Sometimes we settle for less than God’s best and expect God to bless the less for us, hiding under the coverage of “He will not let me down”. Of course God will not let you down, but you have to dance to the tone of the music you started to play. If God did not give you something, do not fight to collect it and when you do, don’t expect God to bless you with it, because He did not give it to you at the first place.

For a while I wanted something so urgently and I applied for it and most of the time, they ask me to come. But after the meeting, I end up not getting it. I was talking to my sister about the last one I checked on one day and she said to me “Sonnia If they can’t give it to you, then it’s not yours.” I smiled on the other side of the phone and said God if indeed you want me to have this thing I am in need of, you will make a way, I wont have to force it. I will just continue to apply as if I never attened any meeting before, but if truely you want me to have it, I will. I said that little prayer and I let it be.

After countless failed effort, I did not compromise to settle for less, I still continued to trust God for the best and God gave me the best of all best. They wrote me to inform me that I got it and hey people, it’s the best. Like its better that all I have ever applied for. When I got the news, my sister was with me too and I said to her “Tope this kind of good looks scary, like this is too good, I can’t cope with it”. She answered me saying “That’s God, He always like to show off.” Sometimes I pray and say God don’t let them ask me where my God is, but in this case, I went through a lot. Nothing was working or moving in my life during that season and I was almost at the edge o giving up everything. My situation questioned where my God is and my God answered and said “Here I am, I am her God”. So everyone, it does not matter who has said what, what matters is whose report you’ll believe.

What I am saying is, do not let anybody force you to do what you don’t want to do. You are a Christian and we should live according to God’s standard. If you compromise your faith to get something, someone else will do the same thing you did to collect that same thing from you. Flee from anything that war against your soul. Flee from anyone or thing that demands you dropping your faith. I can remember in one of my interview when one of them gave me so much rules that was’nt normal. If I have to adjust my believe for you to fit in, then you are not ready to know me. Flee from anyone that says you have to sleep with them first before they can bet that you’re in love with them. Flee from anyone that promises you heaven and earth, but only if you do one thing or the other, FLEE!!!

God is not an author of confusion, when He gives, He gives freely, Flee from anyone that want to violate you first before they help you. Trust me if you compromise, you will end up losing both yourself and what you so wanted. Nothing in this world is worth loosing Christ for, all these material things will pass away and then what else? Your soul, body matters a lot to God. If you already made the mistake, ask God for forgiveness and turn completely from it. God will supply your every need. Even if it takes you standing alone to keep your self, to keep your relationship with Christ Jesus booming, STAND FIRM. Jonathan McReynolds No Gray lyrics says “And really I don’t wanna lose my ticket into heaven and a chance to be used by You” and I decided to take it personal by saying “I can’t loose my ticket into heaven, so Lord I have to be used by you”. Knowing God is a decision you have to take and when you take it, also know that there are some things you just have to trust God to do on His own, without compromising your faith…

Finally, God has made me laugh and hey hey, come on laugh with me 😀


I pray the Lord speaks to you through this post and help you to grow spiritually and mentally, and that the eyes of your understanding be enlightened.

Stay blessed and have a wonderful day 🙂


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