You told God yes and you want to be your own Boss???

(Sometimes we think because we are working for God, we are free to do what we like and everything that  is wrong with us, He will automatically undo or adjust to it,…WRONG!!! If you don’t seek Him and tell Him what to undo or where you need His help, He will not undo, because He made us with choices, He will not force you to take your decisions.)

Short Post 🙂

Good day…….. it has been a long time. My holiday was fun and my blog was free for a while. Now that I am back, guess I will have to cover up a lot, have so much to say.

Well I titled this post “You told God yes and you want to be your own boss??” because the song broken spoke to me personally. Oh yes some songs spill the real deal and it’s a song from Shekinah Glory and the lyrics are just too real.

Sometimes it’s so difficult for we Christians to stay broken. Once God gives us the pulpit or the audience, we feel we have arrived, which is not supposed to be so. We are supposed to stay humble to God, to the calling and to man. The bible says try to be at peace, if possible with ALL men and it says offence will come, but woe unto the person it’s coming from. But because we feel we are working for God, we just want to raise our shoulders high. I was a victim of this. I am not in the pulpit yet, but I got something that will wow everyone around me and I felt oh wow, this is my doing, and right in front of my face, God embarrassed me. He broke me down to the extent of me regretting ever making such decision to go show my self to people. I was proud of what God gave to me, but I was proud to the extent of me seeing myself as the person that gave that thing to myself and making everyone else around me feel somehow. God brings down the proud, but gives grace to the humble. He humbled me, He brought me down to nothing, so I had to plead for mercy and agree to follow.

It’s not about telling God I am ready, it’s about following him, even if it’s against you. It’s about forsaking your everything, habits, rules, laws and other things you’ve built up inside. Until you are broken, you can not do things for God. Be broken for Him to use you. sometimes we tell people, ‘I want you to love me the way I am’, what if the way you are is wrong? What if your mind-set is wrong? What if you need to learn more? They can’t leave you to do things the way you think you are. Until you are broken, God will not leave you the way you are, because if you are created in His Image and likeness, then you have to be the way He is, not the way the world framed your mind-set to be.

The bible say the gift of God is without repentance, yes, you have your gifts, but I clap for you. Tope once explained what it means to be used and dumped. She said “If you still engage your self in some habits that does not please God, trust me He will use you to bring souls to His kingdom, but you’ll still go to hell”. Why because you cannot preach in the name of God and still get involve in the things God hates, without making effort to change. He will just be looking at you ranting, an empty vessel that calls the crowd with theology but not Holy Spirit. God was angry with King Saul, but He still used him until He found a replacement which is David. King Saul served God for 40 years, but the Spirit of God was with him for only two years, so… Who was he serving for the past 38 years??? God have mercy on us. If  King Saul had changed his ways, I bet God would have forgiven, but nah! He chose disobedience and continued with it.

We in ministry have to stand as an example for those out there, we have to stand as an example for the youth, for this generation. When we don’t feel the presence of God around, we always find it hard to admit, because we are already there and we are scared of saying the truth because of the crowd and what they will say, it shouldn’t be so. Even when we mess up, we pretend as if it’s all good, No! it’s not, talk to someone, talk to your God, ask for His mercies and most importantly His help, talk to people, to avoid them from falling into the same thing that pressed you down.

God is saying, there is a lot of work for you to do, now that you are broken. If Christ was not broken/humble, even prostitutes and thieves and other people wouldn’t have been able to approach him. He made himself of no reputation, He was approachable. Don’t be ashamed of your past, but don’t let your past stop you from fulfilling God’s assignment for you. Let people, especially fellow christians know that you went through that thing, and if they are going through it right now, there is a way out. Sometimes your talking can open up some things your preaching wouldn’t have.

Lets all be broken, I have learnt my lessons, I bet you won’t want to  be in my shoes, because if the world is chasing you, you have God, but if God is chasing you, you are completely finished, until you submit to His leadership. We don’t own ourselves, we are from God, let us spend time in His word and learn more about Him, so that each and every day, we will be like Him, talk like Him and do things like Him, learn more about Him.

God help us as we embrace humility today and be humble to a fault and to follow His leading. Have a stress free and blessed day.

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The Lyrics to the song Broken from Shekinah Glory is on the link below, make sure you click 🙂



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