Restrained Sensation Episode 2


I sat down on his bed and he sat close to me holding my hands. “I’ll be moving to UK before the next semester.” He said looking down. “And when are you coming back?” I asked. He was calm for a while and when he decided to open his mouth, his words were empty…


I sat there thinking about how we got this far and how far we’ve gone to say goodbye so early. I could not help but just stare at the empty wall. Olamide could not say a word to me. I then suddenly remembered how it all started. Oh wow! Why did I not see it coming, why was I so involved with him, that I forgot we were two different people. That same day he spoke to me for the first time…

That day, I took some books from the school Library and decided to work on my project. Was just so bad this ladies man was interested too. I just ate lunch and ran into my study room to do some stuff, when I heard a knock on our gate. My mother went to open it. She later called me. “Ivie! You have a visitor” “Is it Susan? Mom just tell her to come in, I’m too busy to come out now.” I said. “It’s not Susan, it is Olamide” she said. “Ola what?” I asked in astonishment, “Olamide” she said again, now very loud and clear. I wondered, like is this not the same ladies man who poked his nose into my project?

“Mother I don’t know any Olamide!” I lied “He said he is your project partner” she explained again. “Now come out here and listen to him, try to be nice for once.” She shouted from outside and with this, I had to take my stuffs for the project into the sitting room, because my mother never allows any visitor into a hidden place like rooms, except an open place where everybody would see what you were doing, especially if it’s a guy. After all the arrangement, I went outside to meet Olamide. “What do you want from me? Don’t tell me you have been following me?” I asked with so much anger. “Why do you hate me?” he asked. “Because you are one proud arrogant spoilt  kid and I hate arrogance and pride. Everybody wants to be your friend which is such a silly thing to think of.” I said. “Wow! All that for one guy; why call me names? Are you jealous, that everyone is trying to come close to me? It’s nice to know that you have friends!” he said. “Now this is the arrogance and pride I was talking about. What do you want from me? Can you just please stop following me around?” I asked him. “Hey my best friend lives in this area and so I came over to say hi to him when I saw you entering your house.” He said. “And so you decided to bring your busy self to my house?” I asked again. “Ivie for real, can you stop it? I only came for the project, nothing more and I’ll really appreciate it, if you stop being rude.” He said and at this, I kept quiet. After a moment of silence, he said “I’m sorry I shouted at you, but nagging is what I don’t and will never like or take from anybody.” He held my hands and told me that he is very nervous. I asked him why and he said that he thought my mother was going to throw him out, the moment he knocks on our gate.

The african parents mentality and altitude. “They be like, so you now have a boyfriend hennhenn, you will come and meet me in this house. So this child is now so grown” He said. I laughed so hard and told him to low his tone, if not my mother will show that altitude. He just smiled and we both went into the sitting room. He saw a picture of my dad and Ehrun, thinking it was me. “You looked so much like your dad in that picture” he said. I kept my head down. “That is not me, it’s my twin sister” I said and tears betrayed me. I told him that both of them are no more, and he was really angry with himself for asking and causing me tears. At the end of the day, we started the first chapters of our project and he later drove home.
The moment he left, my mother came to me and told me that he is a nice person, that I should not be that rude to him. That was coming from my mother, wow! she has changed. On a normal day, she will try to find any thing I did before, just to raise the topic of “ever since you met this guy, your character has changed” but I still don’t trust this niceness, it’s definitely a trap and I will not fall for it.

Susan was very angry that her kid sister exchanged numbers with a total stranger, but I just told her to calm down. “That is teenage life for you girl!” I said on our way to school the next day.
Seyi the drama queen almost gave me a bad name in school that day. The teacher asked me to leave the class because of her carelessness. When the class was dismissed and the school was over, she came to me and said “I told you that you will suffer if you don’t stay off my part!” “I knew that was your plan, but you know what, like I told you before, I have goals I need to reach in this one year I have with you here, so you can’t make me lose that”.  I said to her. She insulted me; calling me poor and all sort of names and telling me to stay away from what belongs to her. I was about hitting her when Precious walked in, so I left her there in shock.
Getting to Susan’s place, the calmness of her house got me worried. “Girl what is happening, where are your sisters?” I asked her. “They all went with my mother to the market, and so as the big girl of the house, I had to stay by and make sure everything is fine.” She told me. “Well I already started my Biology project with Olamide!” I said to her. She was amazed because it was too early to start. “Where did you both go to?” she asked curiously. “My house, he came over and mom pleaded with me to join him. I was very rude, but mom told me to try to be nice because it is only a project, nothing more!” I explained. “Wow, coming from your mom, that’s surprising” she said. I just smiled.
“Girl if you ask me, I think that guy needs something from you” she said avoiding my face. “Hey Susan, don’t go there. I am not and will never be interested.”


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