Others pressed Him, but one touched Him; Which part do you belong to?

Hello everyone, while I was thinking of making this writeup open, my sister just tagged me on a picture that summarises everything I wrote here, but from the church aspect. I have saved this writeup for  a while now, feel its time to make it open. We are all learning and I pray God helps us (Including me) to submit completely to His leading and to focus more on Him instead of what we want Him to do for us. As you read, I pray that God will enlighten the eyes of your understanding, and cause you to see beyond this writing, to see him and accept his leading.

The bible says in Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them”

Because the bible made us to understand that God honours His word more than Himself and that His word does not return to him void, without doing that which it is sent to do, whenever a group is gathered together in the name of God, there He is. But the bible say that God inhabits the praise of HIS Children, so it is possible for you to gather together in God’s name and He will be there, but will not inhabit your praise because you’re not living a life pleasing to Him. The bible commands in 1 peter 2:16 that we should live as free people, but not use our freedom as a cover-up for evil. He has called us to be holy, so we should be holy in everything that we do. We should be able to connect deeply with God. We should be able to commune daily with God and seek his face, so that our going into his presence will not be in vain.

The woman with the Issue of blood was able to connect and touch Jesus. The moment she did that, she got healed. Have we ever asked ourselves what happened to those people who were pressing him? Where they able to touch him or they just pressed him and left? Why are you in Church, why do you serve and worship God? Why do you do the things you do? Is it to please people or is it that you really want to know this God more and you want to feel the master’s touch?

Some people leave the presence of God the same way they came, because they don’t submit and accept that they are in his presence and he can do the undoable. Sometimes we get too comfortable with the way we are, that going to church is more like a habit instead of the real deal which is an encounter with Christ. Which group do you belong?

Ask yourself today; are you among the people pressing him and leaving the same way without a touch or are you among the one woman who touched him?

God’s mercies will increase in our lives as we take a review of our lives today and take a turn of change to please Him and Him alone. Nothing else matters now, it’s just you and God. Remember on that day, you will be judge alone without your pastor or friend or colleague. Ask yourself, Am I going to church to enjoy the benefit of gathering or am I going to church for real because I want to touch God or Am I serving God because of the things he is doing for me or Am I serving God because he deserves my highest praise?

God help us as we take a review of our lives and take the decision to follow Him completely, without any attachment.

Stay blessed 🙂


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