The Light of Dawn (Friendship) Episode 5

(Good day everyone, just as I promised, this is the continuation of the Light of Dawn Episode 5 (Friendship) Please for you to understand the story, it’s better to start from Episode 1 which is now available on this blog or read the last Episode 4. Thanks a lot and stay blessed.) 🙂

“Girl you must be very lucky, which means Nnena loves you so much. Hehe; the main chick is about to go international.” She screamed out loud. “I know, but I am scared. I don’t want anybody to see us as people suffering, we are very much okay with what we have now.” I said to her. “Don’t worry, everything will fall into place and you will enjoy your trip, don’t be scared, Spencer doesn’t bite and I guess his wife doesn’t too. Remember, you cannot gather crowd when you’re not known for something, so stay focus. But don’t forget to call me, cause I know when you get there, they will definitely buy you a phone.” she said smiling. “Whatever, I will try to keep contact.” I said and collected her phone number. “Girl don’t try, you must keep contact, because I’m the only one to give you free gist.” “Okay mam, I will keep contact.” Mirabel and I have never had a row before, even when she always wants to be right in all things; she is older than me and I respect her a lot.
“Would you like to see Spencer face to face?”

“It’s a terrible thing for me to be friend with someone who is mentally deficient.” I said to her.

She chuckled. She looked very calm and beautiful in her purple gown. “You poor little thing, you’ve lost so much weight.” She said looking at me. “Stop feeling depressed over this issue, I know I am not going to miss you, I will continue with your mother’s business.” She said. I managed to smile. We stayed together and I later went home.
With the sun bringing out its appealing face on a Monday morning, the children played outside with so much frenzied Energy, the birds sang mellifluously and the whole place was bright and beautiful. I woke up very early that day, so that I can help my mother, before going over to see Nnena. I know she will be pleased to see me do almost all the work she was supposed to do. It was time for me to go, I went to her and bade her goodbye, and I was going for shopping with Nnena.
I got to her house and she was already waiting outside “the journey to the main city is not that easy, you know I am old.” “I am sorry mother, wanted to make sure I never left any work undone for my mother.” She just smiled at me. “You are so hardworking, that is okay, keep it up.” She already hired a taxi, which was waiting for us. We got into the taxi and went into the main city. Nnena started buying clothes for me. There were some clothes I saw, which I don’t really like because it was a bit short, the 21st century styles. I told Nnena that I want something simple and long, because I don’t like opening my chest or laps, she just told me that is what people wear in Vegas. She bought me some sweet night wears. She also bought some beautiful gowns, both short and long. Then she bought me novels and two phones. She asked me to give one of it to my mother when I get home, so that I can reach her and I should keep the other one for myself. We did a lot of shopping that day; in my heart, I already divided the clothes into two parts, one for myself and the others for Mirabel, because Ese was still very small to wear clothes like that.
With so much happiness, I thanked her. “You are very precious to me, I will always make sure you get what you want, when we come back, you will go and write your exams, to get admission into the University, I will personally sponsor it.” She concluded.


I could not express my happiness, I was so happy that I agree to take any clothes she gets me.
We finished shopping and I came home. Nnena took some of the clothes I needed in Vegas and gave me the others to take home. When I got home, without showing my mother, I went straight to Mirabel’s house and shared the clothes with her. I told her everything Nnena said and she told me to do as Nnena tells me while in Vegas. “Obey her with full respect; you know she is now your second mother.” “Thanks girl, indeed God is just merciful to my family.” I quickly saved her number on the phone, then went home, gave my mother her own phone, showed her how to operate it and she was pleased with everything Nnena had said. She told me to be very careful and she gave me the advice a mother could give to her child. She told me to be nice to Nnena’s son Spencer and his wife, and I should always be obedient no matter what. She spoke to me for a very long time; I had to remind her that I was traveling the next day. My father also gave me his own advice which was very short. “Do not live like them, because you’re in their land, but show them that you are different.” My father loves proverbs a lot and as a daddy’s girl, I understood every bit of it.
The long-awaited Tuesday came at last. As early as five o clock in the morning, I was already at Nnena’s house. She was outside waiting for me as usual. We entered into the Taxi and drove off to Lagos. I later found out that it was not a taxi as I thought but her car and the driver is being paid to take her anywhere. We got to Lagos in three hours and boarded a flight to Frankfurt main in Germany and from there took a flight to San Francisco. Nnena always tells me where we were anytime we had to stop to change flights. From San Francisco, we flew to Vegas. I have never been to Lagos, talk less of Vegas. At the beginning, I was scared of everything and how fast we left Egor, because I was never used to such kind of life. Nnena told me not to fear, that she is right behind me and God has all things in control.


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