Despise not the days of little beginnings


Hello everyone,

I wanted to take the morning sun in its strength when I caught the tree. Sometimes the things we want does not happen, but that does not mean we should stop living, hoping and believing. Do not dwell in darkness just because your plan did not pull through. God has a way of saving us from the things that would have kept us down forever. Instead of looking at the situation with a negative eye, why not see it as part of God’s plan to bring you to your rest. I wanted something so bad, I did not get it, I looked at what I had and I found out that it’s what I always wanted, just in another form. See light in your situation, do not dwell on regrets.

Instead of me taking the sun, I took the tree and the tree wowed me. Despise not where u are or what you have. Hard work pays a lot. God will crown your effort with success if only you stay on track. Remember the bible say we should not become weary in doing good, for at the end we will reap a reward, only if we do not give up, so stay on track and keep your head high.

The Lord will perfect all that concerns you this week and forever. Amen

Have a blessed day/week


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