Restrained Sensation Episode 1

The day we’ve all been waiting for came at last. Holiday was over; a new beginning. No more Seyi and her stupid demands.  Olamide and I hopefully now have enough time for each other, the starting of a new life in UNILAG. No more Federal Girls College’s head teacher’s problems. I know Aunty Clara will definitely miss us as we all find our way and pursue our own career.
Precious was already in his second year in the University and I decided to go to the same University. Olamide and I planned it very well.
I packed my school stuffs and waited for my mother to come out of the house, so that she can see me off to school. Considering the fact that Olamide and I were close, I still could not bring myself to tell my mother how close we really were. She only saw him as my biology project partner and with this in mind; constantly invited him over for dinner. I went too far. It was not just about biology,  we were very close; closer than siblings. I grew fond of him, because he was funny and constantly try to remind me of the daughter of who I am. He built great words inside of me. Even When I felt like giving up on myself, he stood there and encouraged me to carry on with school projects. “I don’t want to be a doctor” I would say to him. “Well I want to, so do this for me.” The day my mother invited him over, Precious was around too, so he was a witness to everything that happened at the dinning. We had to communicate with our eyes because we didn’t want my mother to suspect anything. In one words, we were secretly dating without our parents knowing about it. From biology to dating, wow!

Going to school and studying to the highest level has been my goal and so one day, I suddenly took the decision of doing my PhD before getting married. The scholarship was there, and my uncle promised to see me through school, so I decided to respect the fact that God is God and not a man, and that his plans stands forever.
My mother told me a week ago, that P&P’s Father got me an apartment to stay outside the University, but up till now, I still don’t know how it looks like. Precious was to drive Susan and I over for the very first time and I was to see Olamide that same evening.
As I was arranging my bags into Precious’s car, my Mother started to cry. “Mother, why are you crying? I am only going to school, I’ll be back soon.” I assured her. “I know you will be back soon, but my dear please be very careful and make me proud.” She said to me. “Mother, I have heard all what you’ve said, just trust me; I will not let you down.” “Please stay out of trouble. you know I am not there to protect you, so just be the good girl that you are.” She said holding my hands. “Mom, I’m a big girl now, I can protect myself with  God on my side, and Precious also promised to come around all the time!” I explained to her. She just parted my head and at that moment, Susan came with her mother. “Holla” “Holla too Susan, don’t know where you got this your form of greeting from.”  “I’m a bit nervous.” She said to me. “Don’t worry, everything will be alright.”
Susan’s mother spoke to my mom about how proud she is, because her first daughter is entering University. She also advised Susan and told her almost everything my mother told me and so we parted and said goodbye. I reminded my mother how much I love her, and that I’ll always come around. Susan’s siblings were around too, and they all waved at us.
We got to our Apartment only to find someone inside. It was actually a three bedroom flat and so we had a roommate. “My name is Tolulore and we’ll all live here together.” She said. “Thanks  Tolu. My name is Ivie and this is my best friend Susan.” I said shaking her hands. “The big sitting room belongs to us all, but you have your own rooms and bathrooms.” She said with a decent smile on her face. “I wonder how my uncle managed to secure this place.” I said turning to Susan. “Are the apartments in the school like this?” Susan asked curiously. “No, we live in a restricted area which is very secure. Her Uncle is a close friend to my father, so my father told me about you girls coming to join me in this apartment, so that I won’t feel alone and I agreed.” She explained. “Who is your father?” I asked her. “You’ll find out yourself. This apartment is just the perfect place for me. I don’t like being around crowds.” She said “So Tolu, tell me; how long have you been in this school?” I asked her. “Actually I am just new like you; I just packed in last week. I guess you girls are on scholarship right?” she asked. “Actually Ivie is on Scholarship, while my dad pay for my fees every year.” Susan explained. “I’ll be studying Accounting just like my cousin and Susan will be studying Economic and Business management.” I said to her. “Well I’ll be studying Medicine.” She replied. After the introduction, we arranged our things and I had to lay myself down because I was so tired. Susan rushed into my room as if she saw a ghost. “What is it?” I asked. “I don’t like that Tolu girl, she behaves somehow. She is too calm for my liking. Is she an ice princess? The way she behaves scares me.” She complained. I just watched her talk and talk and talk and without waiting to hear what I have to say, she walked out.
Drama! drama! drama!, that’s all I get from Susan; I advised her to join the drama team, but she just gave me her no nonsense face, so I stop bothering her.  I got to call from my mother asking if everything went well. Mothers will never stop to worry about their children, I reminded her again, that I was big enough to take care of myself. As usual, my mother told me to be very careful, brave and not to follow bad influence. I told her about  Tolu and how nice she is.

That night, Olamide called me, I told him how Precious brought me over and also asked him when he was coming to the University. His reply shocked me. He was already there and he never told me. He has been there since last week, trying to sort things out. “I wanted to surprise you and now that you know, can I pick you up tomorrow? We have a lot to talk about” He said. “I’ll find my way, thanks.” I replied.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * ** * * * * **  * * * * * * * * * * * ** ** * * *  * * * * *
The beautiful morning, swept me off my feet, as the sun light pierced through my window. Susan was already up. As the first child out of three, she wakes up first to clean the house, then prepare breakfast for her family. She brought that same altitude to school. She arranged everything for breakfast and Tolu  joined her. “Morning Tolulore!”  Susan greeted her. “Good morning! How was your night?” she asked. “It was great, I was so exhausted from yesterday’s packing.” She replied. “Where is Ivie?” Tolu asked. “In bed I guess?” Susan answered. So they started eating breakfast and I walked in sluggishly. “Good morning Susan. Good morning Tolu.” I greeted them. “Good morning Ivie, I guess you’ve been very tired after all the work yesterday.” Tolu said. “Sure I still am.” I said smiling. “You better bring yourself over here and eat something.” Susan yelled at me giving me a cunning face. I love my girls because they always make me laugh with their two in one different character. I told them my plans of going shopping and I asked both of them to come along. Susan started to complain. She asked me to stay back home because it was too warm. Tolu gave her own excuse, But immediatly got a call that her appointment has been cancelled. She then had no choice that to come with me. She insisted that we use her car, so that Susan wouldn’t have to faint because she came in contact with the sun. That was pretty funny.
While planning our day, Precious came in with a girl, very ugly with no manners. I was inside my room when I heard Susan screaming my name. “Ivie your sugar daddy is here to see you:” . I was quit shock because I thought it was Olamide. When I came in, I saw Precious. How can Susan call Precious my cousin my sugar daddy? She is sure a crazy girl. I greeted Precious and his so-called girl-mate. Then I introduced him to Tolu my friend and roommate. Tolu was a bit shy and I could see the anger in Amanda’s face when Precious touched Tolu’s shoulder, trying to tell her the kind of girl she has as a room-mate. He was trying to tell her about me and Amanda was just fooling herself. She told Precious she doesn’t want to miss her class and asked them to leave my apartment.

Precious then took me to my room and spoke to me. He told me to forgive Amanda and also told me that he has been having problems with her for the past three months and has already told her that if she refuses to change, they’re going to break up the relationship. I told him to be patient that she will change, although she’s very picky. He also told me that we humans can’t change anyone and he is totally fed up with Amanda’s character. He asked me about Tolu and I told him how nice she is . He just smiled and told me he thinks he has found his future wife. I was shocked. “How can you say a thing like that? You barely even know her.” I told him. “When I see what belongs to me, I always know. With time you will understand.” He said staring at my eyes.

He also told me Olamide was organizing a welcome meeting at his place, and he wants me to come along with my friends that same evening. He also told me that he was around, so I don’t have to get scared.
We came out of my room only to find out that Amanda has already gone. “Your girlfriend is very manner less.” Susan complained. “She has been pouring insult and abuse on Tolu and I, telling us to go get a man.” She said. I pleaded with them and Precious told Tolu how sorry he is about everything, and also asked her out for Dinner the next day. She agreed to go with him and the moment Precious left, she screamed at me. She started to sing…

I’ve been searching for my true love

I went down on my knees and I prayed to my God above

For someone who’s compatible, who will listen and just know that all things are possible Yessss. Not for long this person came along as if we were meant to be. And the way he moved, immediately I knew this love is real I’m so happy. This one na serious love Nwantiti

I laughed so hard, typical nigerian girl. Susan was shocked. I never knew she had such a nice voice and was that free, open and jovial. Susan hugged her and whispered into her ears, “It’s just dinner date sweetie.” I was so happy to see her that way. On our way out, we met Wale and I introduced my friends to him and he told me he liked Susan and I jokingly told him to go get her himself and not border me with it. Life in school is just something else. If not for the fact that Olamide and I knew each other from college, I would have stayed away from him and other people completely. Indeed University life is a bridge I know I have to cross, to be successful in life. Olamide was never a distraction to me and I’m so grateful he’s not an aggressive person, but he’s caring, calm and understands how to treat someone right. Wale also told me that there is a new girl around. Her name is Mirabel; she is the State Minister of Finance Daughter. When I heard that, I was shock. When Wale left, I told Tolu everything and I told her to come with me to Olamide’s place. She wanted to know who he was and my big mouth Susan explained everything about Olamide and I to her. With the look on her face, I guess she was satisfied.
We all went home, got dressed and went to Olamide’s place. When we stepped out of the taxi to take a view of the house, I asked myself how Olamide was coping with staying alone in that kind of mansion. The whole environment was just too beautiful. Olamide’s house was a mansion; it was so beautiful that any girl who sees it will become emotionally attached to it. Tolu gave a loud laugh. “You sure caught someone good Ivie” she said. “Oh no! please, we’ve been friends since college.” From outside, we could hear the loud music. Tolu and Susan couldn’t believe their eyes. She asked me what Olamide does for a living, I then told her that he is a medicine student like her, and his father is the State Lawyer. She was overwhelmed and wanted to know how we met each other. I started to explain stories. I told her we met in school, like his class was among the classes that had to work on a mixed school project. I told her he attended Kings College while I was in Federal Girls College, and we met during the selections and coincidentally he wanted the same project like me and so both of us had to work together. When I finished my story, she smiled so sheepishly and took my hands and walked straight to the gate. “I can’t wait to see how the inside looks like.” she whispered.
The gatekeeper opened the door for us to go in. There were lots of people around. The gatekeeper asked me about my name and I told him Ivie and he started to behave somehow. Then I knew something was wrong. He told me to be careful, which was strange, because I have never been to that house and his altitude towards me was strange. I ignored him and walked inside. When we got to the main entrance, a lady came to us. “Hello! My name is Mirabel, the host girlfriend and you are welcome once again.” Tolu looked at me and smiled. We told Mirabel thank you and went in but before we could move our feet, she asked if we’ve heard about anyone called Ivie before. I then asked her if the Ivie girl is related to her and she said no, that she is not supposed to be at her boyfriend’s party. We all smiled and walked away.
We got into the sitting room which was very big and full of guest. I saw Precious. This time, he was alone without that loud Amanda. He came to us, and took Tolu away. I was left with Susan. Immediately, Wale also came and asked Susan for a drink, so I was left alone. Then I looked towards the bar, I was thirsty and wanted to drink something. I saw Olamide at the bar. He was about calling me when so I walked up to him. “IV I missed you. Why didn’t you tell me you were here already?” he asked. “Because I wanted to view this house first; don’t tell me you live here alone?” I asked him. “Yes I live here alone. Do you like it?” he asked. “I like it, but it’s too big for one person” “Maybe you should move in here with me?” He asked, giving me that funny face that melts my anger away. “You know the rules, no sleeping at each other’s place and no staying alone for too long.” I reminded him of our rules.  He then hugged me and whispered into my ears saying, “I love you with all my heart, I can’t stop loving you, I can’t wait to be your superman”. I laughed so hard. “Come let’s go upstairs, let me show you around.” He said. So I went with him upstairs and he showed me around. The house was pretty big, so we went into his room which smelled so nice. He’s every woman’s dream, but somehow, he’s my reality, my opposite, sometimes I get very picky at little things, but he is so patient and calm. He is not easily vexed and I really love that part of him. I have never told him I love him, because I want to be responsible for every action after saying the word. I don’t want to drag back my words simply because he did something wrong to me. Until I am fully aware that saying I love you is more than just words, I won’t say it and he understands too. I don’t know how his reaction is going to be when I finally say I love you, but till then, let me enjoy the moment, after all we just started our life journey.
I sat down on his bed and he sat close to me holding my hands. “I’ll be moving to UK before the next semester.” He said looking down. “And when are you coming back?” I asked. He was calm for a while and when he decided to open his mouth, his words were empty…


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