First song cover: Your Presence is heaven

Hello Everyone, its been a while. School and work stuff. Guess you all had a nice weekend.

Well I did a song cover last friday and would like to share with you. Song from Israel Houghton – Your presence is heaven. I just came back from school that day, after finding out that I had a good grade in the last exam I took; so I decided to just sing unto the Lord. Although I have been singing and making short videos, but I’ve never really posted any of my song online. So that day I decided to break some walls and post. So listen and sing along, don’t mind my voice, its shy, but just worship God with me.

PS: I want to encourage you, that no matter what you’re going through, God is always ahead of you. He is aware, you just keep trusting him. Do not give up, but always look up to him in what ever situation or circumstances you are facing. Worship your way out. worship moves God.


Video below. Thanks and God bless you. Have a fruitful day 🙂


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