Get up and Go; God orders Steps

The word of God is soo complete, everything you need is in there. Yesterday after the Fountain of life Church anointing service, where the pastor,  Pastor Taiwo Odukoya talked about 1 Kings 17, this scripture got me thinking, so I decided to go deeper. God being so merciful, He opened my eyes to some certain things. He made me to understand that indeed the step of a righteous man is being ordered by Him.

The Zarephath woman actually stayed indoors until the day she decided to go out and pick fire wood, so that she can make food for herself and her son, and after that they might eat and die, because there was no rain in the land. God commanded Elijah to go to that city, for he has commaneded this same widow to take care if him. The same widow went out at the right time and stepped into her purpose. While God was ordering her steps, she was thinking her life will soon be over. God prepared her for that miracle and she thought that’s it, hunger and fermine. God directed her to her purpose. What if she had refused to go out that day to pick fire wood? What if!!! But God, the creator of all thing had everything in control, unknowily to this widow, meeting Elijah was the beginning of Overflow in her life. Thank God she did not use anger and fruatration to step out of her purpose.

While studying my daily devotional, 1 samuel 9 struck me too. The same thing happened to Saul before he was made king. He was out on an assignment, unknowily to him, that God was directing his steps. God prepared him already and he thought he was just acting on mere instruction from his fther to look for their lost asses. God personally arranged Saul’s meeting with Samuel.

God knows how to connect you to the things you need to excel and beautify your purpose. He knows what you need and when you need them. Nothing you’re doing is new to God. Don’t give up on your purpose, don’t give up on your dreams. Get up and go because the Lord is waiting on you to make the move. He has designed the way and has positioned the right people at the right places, all you need to do is get up and move. Just because you tried something out and it didn’t work, doesn’t mean God is not there. The isrealites went to war countless times and were defeated and they came back to God and God tells them to go back and fight. Do not give up on God just because something refused to work out, get up and go, because God is before you.

Nothing that happens to a man is by mistake, God indeed orders Steps.

Have a blessed evening 🙂



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