Relationship (Do Not Settle)

My girl just posted a new video on YouTube about relationships and settling. A lot of times, we settle in a lot of things in life. Not only relationships, but situations. We get used to the fact that things are going the way they are going and we begin to see them as normal, which is not supposed to be so. You’re not meant to be the way you are forever, the things that happens to you are not meant to be seen as normal, but you’re supposed to hope more. Do not settle for less, do not settle for ‘that’s how it has been’. And concerning relationships, God has created us with choices, so do not settle for someone that does not treat you right like the queen you are.

Do not settle for the ‘I love you too’ you hear once in two months, do not settle for I am sorry, do not settle for I will change, do not settle for you’re too good for me, do not settle for I am the problem, do not settle for you’re great but! do not settle for ‘I haven’t spoken to God’ do not settle for I need time or I am confused, do not settle for less, because you deserve better. New Video alert, watch and pray God opens your eyes to embrace the truth. God bless you all and happy new month.

Below is the new video, watch, pray, subscribe and live our Facebook page and also follow us on Instagram @DivineDivasNetwork.

Thank you and have a blessed and beautiful month. Welcome to the month of May.


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