The Light of Dawn Episode 2

I cleaned up her house and did everything she asked me to do. Sometimes, after cleaning, I would sit and listen to her sweet stories she normally tells me each time I come around to help with the house chores. “Elle!” she called. “Yes mother.” “My daughter Tobi will be coming home soon, but Spencer will be the first to come home!” she said. “Oh wow, that’s good to hear.” I answered. “Oh yes, he is coming to see me at last. For three months now, I have not seen or heard from him, the last time he came, he didn’t stay long. These days, I get to hear about him from his sister she always tells me he is fine.” She concluded. “Mother, don’t worry, he will come with his wife, so you will finally see the both of them and also use that opportunity to pray for his wife.” I assured her. “No! He is not coming with that woman, since she has refused to give me grandchildren, I have told her to stay away from me.

I have prayed for her enough. All she knows how to do is shopping and travelling. Who know if she is even taking care of my son very well?” She said. “Mother, don’t worry, she will give you grandchildren one day, you just have to be patient. My mother also gave birth to us late, but here we are now, we are four and she is happy.” I explained to her. “I don’t care, how I wish she could be that good wife I’ve always wanted.” “Mother she is a good woman, except maybe you never liked her right from the start?” “I do love her as my daughter in-law.” “Mother, some women will go as far as getting another wife for their son; that was my grandmother’s plan before she died. Thank God she did not accomplish it.” I replied. “Don’t worry, with time, you will understand better.” She answered. I just nodded my head in agreement. Although I have never seen her son, but I know Nnena seemed more worried than she looks. But if really she then decides to behave like other wicked mother in-law; how then can a grown up man like Spencer, accept another woman from his mother; except maybe he doesn’t really love his first wife. Nnena told me stories as usual and I later left her house.
Entering Lamidi Street opposite my house, the anger in Mirabel’s heart stopped me from moving forward, so I made a U-turn. She was sitting at the backyard squeezing bitter leave when I hugged her from behind. “Eloghosa!” Each time she calls me by my full name, I always know she’s either going to crucify me or give me the worst news of my life. “So you still live in this town and I went to look for you in mercury?” She questioned. “I’m so sorry I haven’t found time to visit you, that’s why I came all the way to say hello, I know in your heart, you’ve murdered me, but God is God.” I answered with a pleading but gratifying altitude. “I heard you went to Nnena’s house after looking for you all over the town?” she asked. “Yes, I went to visit her, you know she is very old and she needs more help. As a matter of fact, she told me her children are coming to see her!” I blotted out. “Wow! Including her son?” she asked excitedly. “What a blemish statement. When I said her Children, I meant her children miss.” “I have never seen her son, but I know he looks good.” She responded with some ridiculous look on her face. “Hey look here, he is married and secondly, you are too young for all this right?” I asked her. “Says who? Are you my mother? Please, I am just 22; my mates are already married in Hausa Land, so I am not too young.” She jeered back at me.