Story Time!!! How often do you say thank you?

Once again, for some, this might not make sense, but trust me real life experiences stays with you.

Some days ago, I got a call at work that someone was being disturbed by our new building light which shines at night. I gave a confirmation that I would see to that. But funny enough I contacted the wrong person (thinking he was in charge of it) and left it there. So after some days, the old lady came back to tell me thank you, saying she never knew we would consider even little things like turning off the lights and all…that she could sleep and the lights did not disturb her. She thanked me as if it was my doing, not knowing I did not even contact the right person.

So this got me thinking real hard. How often do we say “thank you” to God even when the things we expect are being delayed. How often do we thank God for those little things we get every day. Oh you caught your bus to work? Thank God. Or you got a No instead of a Yes? Thank God. Everything is working according to plan or not really? Thank God. Everything seems slow? Thank God, because a train doesn’t starts so fast. They start slow to get a balance before taking off. Thank God for those little things. Not only you, but the same goes for me… let’s learn together. Thank God! ♥♥

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*Does Gold always glitter? Spring in my house*

Story Time….Indeed personal experience stays with you. Read on💟

So during the Christmas celebration, normal every worker at my company gets gift from suppliers or their favorite customers. But only if the gifts were presented to them personally. If dropped only at the company, even with a name on it, it will not be given to them, but gathered, so every worker would get a gift. So this time they gathered as usual and it was said that for everyone to get a gift, you have to pick a random number.

Before I left the house that morning, I heard the word *patience* and *grace*, but I was wondering what concerned my job that day with patience and grace. Because I am in the children’s ministry, my thought was for me to get enough chocolates for them as gifts the following Sunday. So everyone who passed by my office were constantly smiling while carrying gifts, drinks, chocolates and so on. I sat there looking. So I also decided to go and pick my number. The line was filled, but at the end, I picked number *5* which is the number of grace and I got a golden box. Oh my oh my, I was filled with joy. Everyone who saw me were like ohh wow your gift is very beautiful. I was happy, got back to the office and decided to open. Behold it was the *root* of a **plant*. I was like ohh wow at first. I said ohh no wonder I heard grace and patience because this is a new responsibility. I am not so good with plants, even tho back home in Nigeria I really did well with them, but since I came to Germany they would just die before I even tried. So this time I was like it will die like the others. After reading the instructions, I gave up and was very angry. I expected chocolates and not a root. What do I give to the children. I took the plant home, determined that it should die, I refused to water it and sometimes I will leave the root in warm water for days. So one day I decided to just take some sand from the back of the house, because we do have a garden behind, but not personally mine. I did, placing this inside a potato salad container. After 5 days I started to see the plant bringing fort green and before I could dilute the growth, it, started blooming red flowers. Even my aloe vera I just dropped there also started to grow others. I was ashamed because I gave up on it, because it was not chocolates, but it proved me wrong.

Now the summary of this is that not all gold glitters indeed. Just because that guy or girl does not look like a celebrity, does not mean he or she isn’t one when it comes to the eyes of God. Just because that church is not like the one you watch online, does not mean they don’t honor God, or just because someone disagrees with you, does not mean they mean you evil. Just because you don’t have what you want does not mean God loves you less. Maybe that Job you want to reject or give up is the one that will give you peace and mouthwatering benefits later, only if you are patient enough to wait. Everything is a process and so is a our walk with God. Fine gold takes a lot of work to come out as pure fine gold. God help us to recognize real gold in the midst of fake ones and recognize His divine helpers for us, in the midst of gain sayers. God help us to learn that what we don’t see controls what we see.💟💟
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Seriously this is 2018. The year ended so fast but started very quickly. Welcome to a new year and this is where most of us write new goal and zeals. I pray this year brings you every answer you’ve always wanted to know. Make those plans, but let your circle be small so as to achieve big and great. Stick to that dream, but make sure you burn the midnight candle to make those dreams a good reality, not just for trends but for your purpose.

God will give you the heart to learn and the wisdom and understanding on which way to go in life. The patience to keep calm in tough situation. The eyes to see who is ready and who is needy. The hands to lift up others and the heart to entertain both friends and strangers. God bless your year. Keep your head up, it just started, it can only get better.💝💝